Charlee’s Rustic Winter Senior Photos

I have been looking forward to this shoot for months, ever since Charlee’s mom called us at Treft.Punkt to schedule her winter photo session. I love shooting in the winter, this may be helped by the fact that I never have to wear a dress in the cold! Charles was a trooper though, and she and her brother Mitch stood there patiently and cheerily for me as I took them from place to place for pictures. I took Mitch’s senior photos last year, and the two shoots could not have been more different! Mitch doesn’t have long flowing blonde hair and doesn’t wear makeup, I did the best I could with him and his rockstar style. I swear I thought about stealing Charlee’s dog at least three times, he’s so cute it’s ridiculous! Thanks for being an amazing model and for such a fun time Charlee, you are just as beautiful inside as you are stunning outside!

Need Senior Photos? Call Shalem Photography at (907)868-2639


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