Sarah & Ryan’s Wintery Roadtrip Lovestory

I feel like I’m in high school again, today I went on an impromptu road-trip to Seward with two of my amazing friends! Sarah Devereux and Ryan McCormick other wise know as McDev are the funniest couple I think I’ve ever photographed! Russian, Italian, and Korean accents, along with a array of jokes that I won’t write here, I laughed so hard my sides were charlie-horsing! One things for sure, their future together has a whole lot of joy in it! After our mad dash across south-central Alaska we popped into Carrs/Safeway for a bit of quick grocery shopping! Sarah and Ryan told me they LOVE to spend hours roaming the isles of grocery stores before they cook romantic “gourmet” meals together (Hamburger Helper I presume.) I have not had this much fun in a long time, thanks Sarah and Ryan, you are both amazing and I am blessed to have friends as wonderful as you!

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