Stevie and Buck’s Kenai Lodge Nuptuals

Pulling into the Salmondoux Lodge the last minute touches were being made on the front lawn, while the sounds of children playing floated in the air along with the scent of a fire still smoldering in the distance. People scurried from here to there in a way that seemed to match the rivers nearby bustle.

In a cabin not far from the bustle, Stevie and her accomplices were busy primping and polishing bantering back and forth in a deliciously sarcastic way only the best of friends can.
Throughout the day you could see what a family Stevi and Buck have, of friends who are warm and welcoming, and relatives who care so much for both of them.
Even as a photographer I felt more like I was attending one of my family’s reunions in Oregon rather than a formal occasion. though teleprompted surreptitiously from the front seats, their vows showed the same love and admiration for one another I saw throughout the day. I have to say that this wedding was one I’ll remember for a long time. I wish you all the best Stevie & Buck, you are both amazing and I know your future will be full of love and laughs.

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